Otterbox 7755692 Achiever K4 2017 Plum/Mint
Otterbox 7755692 Achiever K4 2017 Plum/Mint
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Otterbox 7755692 Achiever K4 2017 Plum/Mint

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The new Achiever Series from OtterBox was designed for the individuals who know that life is a journey and not a destination. They know that getting the most out of that journey
requires a focus and balance.
Achiever Series is a custom-designed to provide superior dual-layer protection
against bumps, drops and shock. Confidently handle your phone
on the go with a secure and slim case that easily slides into your back pocket.
  • Streamlined Protection againts bumps, drops and shock
  • Dual-layer: soft inner and hard outer layers and deflect impacts
  • Slim design: sleep profile easily slip into pockets and purses
  • Multiple vent design: multiple vents on the outer shell visualizes a flow of energy
  • OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection
  •     - Tested by Otterbox 24+tests and 238+ hours of testing 
  •     - Built for you: day in, day out - your device is protected

SKU: 112-9055
UPC: 660543416753
Model: 7755692
Colour: Plum/Mint
Device Compatibility: LG K4 2017,