Ideal of Sweden STHLM Wallet Case Black for iPhone 12/12 Pro
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Ideal of Sweden STHLM Wallet Case Black for iPhone 12/12 Pro

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The STHLM wallet case was created with the beautiful and fashionable Swedish capital in mind as we wanted to capture the essence of this creative and fast evolving city. With clean lines and minimalist design that is both contemporary and timeless the STHLM wallet lives up to its Scandinavian design heritage, which is celebrated for its simple aesthetic, and the wallet feels right in the moment and can also last for a long time.
  • This mirrors the city itself which is perfectly on trend in its culture and cutting-edge tech industry, while also looking back on a rich expansive history. 
  • The two stylishly cut card slots on the back of the wallet are perfect for your most frequently used cards, like a Metro pass or your everyday credit card, to which you need easy access.
  • The wallet also has three discreetly cut card slots on the inside, which hold up to six cards.
  • The wallet is handmade in materials carefully selected both for their quality and environmental friendliness.

SKU: 120-3510
UPC: 840046641658
Model: CIDSTHWI206101
Colour: Black
Device Compatibility: Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro,