Google Nest Protect Alarm (Wired) 2nd Gen White
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Google Nest Protect Alarm (Wired) 2nd Gen White

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For something as important as fire safety, you want a smoke alarm you can trust and rely on. That's what you get with the wired Google Nest Protect. This advanced smart device can distinguish between levels of urgency in smoke and CO levels, and sends you alerts on your smartphone immediately upon detection so you can take action right away.
  • Smart detection, quick action: Google Nest Protect knows the difference between a concern and a full-on emergency and will alert you accordingly.
  • Convenient connectivity: This device connects with your smartphone and will notify you the moment it senses something out of the ordinary at home.
  • Can easily hush the alarm from your phone using the Nest app, simple as that. What's more, the Steam Check feature ensures the alarm doesn't go off simply because of a hot shower.
  • This feature can conveniently detect both fast and slow-burning fires, and also sports a 10-year CO sensor to detect and pinpoint the toxic, invisible presence of CO. Your device will then speak up and let you know exactly what and where the issue is.
  • This model Google Nest Protect connects to your home's wiring for power, and includes a battery backup for power outages.

SKU: 115-1974
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Model: S3003LWEF
Colour: White
Device Compatibility: All Android, All iOS, All MacBooks, All Windows